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Semi Tow Truck Tows 4 HUGE Trucks

Semi Tow Truck Team Tows 4 Tractors at Once! The Falzone semi tow truck team had a job they would never forget down in Mifflinville, PA, last month. One of our regular customers gave us a call asking for immediate assistance. They transport brand new vehicles from the manufacturer to various body companies or dealerships. On this particular day, our customer was transporting three trucks from the manufacturer to a dealership. We’ve all played piggyback as children. Have you ever spotted a truck “piggybacking” other trucks on the road? Piggyback truck transport is the term used to describe a semi [...]

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Construction Equipment Towing 35,000 Lb

Construction Equipment Towing Team Helps Company Lift Dump Truck  Falzone’s construction equipment towing team came to the aid of a loyal customer who specializes in construction equipment rentals and repairs. Whenever they need a construction equipment towing team, they give Falzone’s a call! On this particular occasion, they needed to take the body off of a rigid body dump truck. Once disassembled, they would then refurbish the truck for a potential buyer. Now this was not your tiny dump truck. It’s body was 15 feet wide and just the body of it weighed approximately 35,000lb! Falzone’s brought in two rotators [...]

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