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75 Ton Rotator to the Rescue

Falzone’s 75 Ton Rotator Helps Customer Complete Delivery! Falzone’s 75 ton rotator came to the rescue of a client in St.Clair, Pennsylvania. The customer in question was delivering over 70,000 lb of rocks to a construction site in Barnesville. As he drove through St.Clair on his way to deliver the rocks, his tri-axle dump truck had a catastrophic radiator failure. Within minutes, the truck had lost all of its coolant! Every truck in the Falzone’s fleet is equipped with GPS tracking devices. The dispatch team used the GPS information to locate the heavy duty towing team closest to the client. [...]

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Weekend Semi Tow

Semi Tow Team Called In After Regen System Failure Falzone’s semi tow team responded to an emergency call from a loyal customer last Saturday. One of the customer’s trucks had a regen system failure and it was no longer in working condition. Due to the nature of the regen failure, the engine was derated making the truck lose ~95% of its power. This is essential in order to save the engine from irreparable damage.  The customer had a limited timeframe to get his truck to the Hunter Peterbilt dealer in Breinigsville, PA, in order for the mechanics to have enough [...]

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Big Rig Towing In Under 2 Hours

Big Rig Towing Team Needed To Get Tractor To Dealership Before Closing Time Falzone’s big rig towing team jumped into action when they received a call from a stranded truck driver in Mifflinville, PA. The driver was working for a Canadian truck company and was in the area to pick up a load. He had stopped at a service station for a short break. When it was time to hit the road again, he quickly got back into the cab of his truck and put the keys into the ignition. It was then that the truck driver realized that the [...]

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