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Tow Truck Service Hauls 5 Axle Truck

Tow Truck Service Comes to the Rescue of 85,000 lb Concrete Conveyor Truck Falzone’s Tow Truck Service received a call from a discouraged client on Monday morning. The customer’s 5 axle concrete conveyor truck had broken down the day before in Drums, PA. Ever since then, he had been calling all the heavy tow truck companies in the area trying to get someone to tow his truck! Although he had spent hours on the phone, he had yet to find a tow truck service with the capability to haul the massive 85,000 lb truck! There was a palpable sense of [...]

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Heavy Tow Truck Lifts 120,000 lb Railroad Car

Heavy tow team called in to lift three historical train cars in Honesdale, PA Our heavy tow team had the pleasure of moving three historical passenger train cars in Honesdale, PA. The three railroad cars were sitting on a 150 foot long dead track. It was now time to move them onto a live track where they would start their journey to be fully-restored in New Jersey. Each of the train cars weighed between 110,000-120,000 lb! They would need to be moved 20 feet from the dead track to the live track. With low-hanging electrical cables above the tracks and [...]

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