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75-Ton Rotator to the Rescue

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Falzone’s 75 Ton Rotator Helps Customer Complete Delivery!

Falzone’s 75 ton rotator came to the rescue of a client in St.Clair, Pennsylvania. The customer in question was delivering over 70,000 lb of rocks to a construction site in Barnesville. As he drove through St.Clair on his way to deliver the rocks, his tri-axle dump truck had a catastrophic radiator failure. Within minutes, the truck had lost all of its coolant!

Every truck in the Falzone’s fleet is equipped with GPS tracking devices. The dispatch team used the GPS information to locate the heavy duty towing team closest to the client. A 75-ton rotator was by the client’s side within the hour. 

Providing quality customer service is the top priority for Falzone’s towing team. With this in mind, they understood the pressure their customer was under to finish his delivery. Not wanting anyone to be disappointed, the rotator crew decided to make a quick stop in Barnesville on their way to their customer’s repair center of choice in Williamsport. 

The rotator made easy work of towing a combined weight of over 140,000 lb! Thanks to the heavy towing team, the customer was able to complete his delivery and could rest easy while his dump truck was getting repaired. 

Keep up the great work team! With the stopover in Barnesville, you drove over 150 miles. Your strong work ethic is what Falzone’s Towing is all about!

Falzone’s 75 Ton Rotator Helps Customer Complete Delivery!

Falzone’s 75 ton rotator was dispatched to St.Clair, Pennsylvania, after the dispatch center received a call from a client requesting a heavy tow. The 75 ton rotator was the closest of the heavy duty fleet to the customer’s location. The team arrived within one hour of receiving the phone call from the customer. 

Once on scene with the rotator, the heavy duty towing team assessed the situation. The customer was driving a dump truck that was fully loaded with 70,000 lb of rocks. The rocks needed to be delivered to Barnesville, PA. The rotator crew decided to tow the dump truck to Barnesville in order for their customer to complete his order. 

They backed up the rotator towards the front of the dump truck. They then attached the rotator to the front axle of the dump truck. The heavy towing team disabled the driveline and tapped into the truck’s air system. In total, the load was over 140,000 lb but the 75 ton rotator could easily handle it.

The heavy towing team then drove the rotator to Barnesville. Once in Barnesville, the rotator team assisted the client in dropping off his load at a construction site. Once the delivery was complete, the rotator team drove the truck to Williamsport where it would undergo repairs.

By the end of the day, the rotator team had driven over 180 miles roundtrip in order to get the rocks delivered in Barnesville and deliver the dump truck to a repair facility in Williamsport.