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95 Mile Heavy Tow Service on Labor Day

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Heavy Tow Service Needed After Electrical Issue Leaves Tour Bus Stranded

It was a busy Labor Day for the heavy tow service team at Falzone’s. A popular tour bus company had stopped in Jersey Shore, PA, to let their passengers have a quick bathroom break. They didn’t have much time as they had a strict schedule to stick to. Unfortunately, their tour bus didn’t believe in following schedules!

Once everyone was on the bus, the driver attempted to start the bus. Attempted is the key word here! No matter what he did, the bus refused to start! He now had a bus full of passengers but no way to transport them.

The tour bus company was extremely reactive. They sent a second bus to pick up the passengers and ensured that Falzone’s was called to tow their broken down bus. The heavy towing team made their way to Jersey Shore with their 50-ton wrecker with a specialized low-profile underreach.

While the Falzone’s Towing team made the job look easy, bus tows can challenge even the most seasoned of heavy tow operators. Towing buses is notoriously difficult due to a number of factors:

Not every heavy tow service has the equipment and expertise to safely tow a bus. Thankfully, Falzone’s Towing only employs the most qualified and experienced heavy tow truck operators in the business!

The team made quick work of getting the bus ready to be towed back to a repair facility in Wilkes-Barre. A follow-up call with the client revealed that the bus had an electrical issue that was preventing it from starting. It underwent a thorough repair and is now back on the road!

Fantastic work out there team!

Details of Heavy Tow Service Needed After Electrical Issue Leaves Tour Bus Stranded

A call for a heavy tow service was received by the 24 hour dispatch center at Falzone’s Towing. The customer needed a heavy tow service to pick up their broken down bus in Jersey Shore, PA.

The Wilkes-Barre heavy tow service made the 95 mile journey to Jersey Shore, PA, driving their 50-ton heavy duty wrecker. Once they arrived on scene, the heavy tow service assessed the situation and came up with a safe towing plan.

This was a relatively straightforward tow for the experienced heavy tow service operators. They successfully hooked up the bus to the back of their 50-ton tow truck and made their way back to Wilkes-Barre. The heavy tow service team deposited the bus at the tour bus company’s repair facility.