Big Rig Towing Team Needed To Get Tractor To Dealership Before Closing Time

Falzone’s big rig towing team jumped into action when they received a call from a stranded truck driver in Mifflinville, PA. The driver was working for a Canadian truck company and was in the area to pick up a load. He had stopped at a service station for a short break. When it was time to hit the road again, he quickly got back into the cab of his truck and put the keys into the ignition. It was then that the truck driver realized that the day was about to get a bit more stressful than anticipated!

No matter how hard he tried, the truck would simply not start. The driver made a call to the nearest Freightliner dealership located in Drums, PA. They advised him that if he wanted to get his tractor repaired that day, it would need to be towed to the dealership within the next two hours! Thankfully, they told him that if he needed quality heavy duty towing in a timely manner, he should call Falzone’s.

Falzone’s immediately dispatched their big rig towing team to the service station in Mifflinville. The team made the tactical decision to tow the tractor from the rear in order to save time. Should they have towed it from the front, they would have had to spend time disconnecting the driveline. By towing it from the rear, you can skip this step!

Thanks to the big rig team’s reactivity, the tractor made it to the dealership with time to spare! We hope that the repair team was able to get the driver back on the road quickly!

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Details of Big Rig Towing Team Needed To Get Tractor To Dealership Before Closing Time

A big rig towing team was requested to tow a stranded tractor from a service station in Mifflinville, PA. The Falzone’s big rig towing team was dispatched from 1039 PA-93, Drums, PA 18222, United States.

The big rig towing team arrived at the service station and assessed the situation. Due to the time constraints and the way in which the truck was parked, the big rig team decided to tow the tractor from the rear. This would allow them to bypass disconnecting the driveline and save time.

The big rig towing team backed up their rotator to the rear of the truck. They lifted the truck in the air using their wheel lift and hooked onto the rear axle. Once everything was secured, the big rig towing team began the short drive to Drums, PA.

 The heavy towing team arrived at the Freightliner Dealership in Drums, PA, where the diesel mechanics were waiting for the tractor. The big rig towing team disconnected the tractor from their rotator and made their way back to Wilkes-Barre to await another call. Hopefully, the team at the truck dealership was able to make the necessary repairs to the tractor that same day.