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Hazleton Semi-Towing Company Shows Skill & Expertise

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Professional Semi Towing Company Tows Fleet of Freightliner Tractors

We’ve got a tale about a skilled semi towing company and heavy-duty equipment that’ll leave you impressed. Falzone’s Towing got a call from a customer in Hazleton, PA whose fleet of 4 brand-spanking-new Freightliner tractors had broken down en route to the dealership. 

While this likely caused the customer to panic, Falzone’s came to the rescue! The operator dispatched a team quickly to the location along with a 30-ton tow truck and a heavy operator who was trained to handle these mammoth machines.

These stacked trucks are no joke. They weigh a whopping 80,000 lbs and can stretch up to 90 feet long! It takes a skilled driver and a special truck to handle such a massive load. The semi towing company ensured that the trucks were over-secured and had proper braking assistance to avoid any mishaps on the road. They also removed the driveline to protect the transmission.

After a job well done, the customer needed help installing the trucks so that the repair center could work its magic on the broken truck. And guess what? Falzone’s was up for the task! In just three short hours, they completed the job – the Falzone’s crew no doubt saved the day. 

Next time you see a Falzone’s tow truck on the road, give ’em a wave and a smile. Great job, heavy duty towing team! 

Details of Fleet of Freightliner Tractors Towed by Professional Semi Towing Company

Falzone’s, a semi towing company, recently assisted a customer in Hazleton, PA. The customer called the expert semi towing company after his group of brand-new Freightliner tractors broke down while being transported to a dealership in Hazleton, PA, off I-81. 

To tow the 4 stacked trucks, the semi towing company deployed a 30-ton tow truck. The semi towing company also sent out a heavy operator who was specifically trained to handle such a challenging task. 

The semi towing company knows that a job like this takes expertise. A group of stacked trucks typically weighs around 80,000 lbs and can be nearly 80-90 feet long even before hooking up to the wrecker. 

When towing these units, the semi towing company properly secured them to avoid any issues. The semi towing company also ensure that the tow truck was equipped with proper braking assistance to stop such a heavy load. 

The semi towing company operator supplied air and removed the driveline to prevent any transmission damage. After completing the tow, the customer needed the semi towing company to install the trucks so that the repair center could work on the broken one.  Falzone’s semi towing company gladly completed the task. The entire job took the semi towing company approximately 3 hours.