Heavy Duty Towing Team Helps Move Concrete Batch Plant

Falzone’s Heavy Duty Towing team was called on by a loyal customer who works in the concrete business. The customer provides mobile concrete batch plants to large construction projects in order for them to have a steady supply of concrete in their nearby vicinity. Their latest project in Williamsport, PA, was coming to an end right as a new one was about to begin in Scranton,PA.

The customer called on Falzone to move their entire batch plant along with multiple mixers. While the mixers could technically be driven the 85 mile route between sites, the customer prefers to utilize these all wheel drive trucks for onsite use only. Prior to beginning the heavy duty transportation, Falzone had to acquire the correct permits and routes as most of the loads were over-dimensional loads (some over 100 feet long!). With all the permitting acquired, the process of moving the concrete batch plant to Scranton was able to begin.

You’ve probably guessed by now that this was not a one truck job! Over the course of 5 days, the heavy duty towing team brought in a 50 ton integrated wrecker, a 75 ton rotator, numerous flatbed trailers, lowboys, and tractors! By the end of the week, all the various parts and equipment that made up the batch plant were safely in Scranton along with the customer’s concrete mixers.

Heavy duty hauling can be a nightmare for some clients. Many heavy duty towing providers leave the permitting process to the client. Falzone takes away the stress from the client by obtaining all necessary permits and routing permissions themselves! Fantastic work out there team! For several consecutive days you drove a minimum of 160 miles between Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport, and Scranton! You went above and beyond … as always!

Heavy Duty Towing

Details of Heavy Duty Towing Team Helps Move Concrete Batch Plant

The Falzone Heavy Duty Towing Team was called out to Williamsport, PA, to assist in moving a batch plant. The batch plant had to be moved to Scranton, PA, 85 miles away. The heavy duty towing team first got a comprehensive list of all the items that needed to be transported. Noting that many of the items were over-dimensional items, the heavy duty towing team went about receiving the proper permits for the trip.

Once the proper permits and specially routing were received, the heavy duty towing team made their way to Williamsport, PA. The batch plant had already been disassembled and the mixers were all in good working order. The heavy duty towing team had a 50 ton wrecker, a 75 ton rotator, and a small fleet of flatbed trailers, lowboys, and tractors. 

Within the course of one week, the heavy duty towing team had successfully transported the batch plant on it’s 85 mile journey between Williamsport and Scranton. The heavy duty towing team would depart each day from their headquarters in Wilkes-Barre and head to Williamsport. From Williamsport, the team would make their way to Scranton to deposit the machinery and equipment.