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Heavy Tow Service Assists in Million-Dollar Recovery

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PA Heavy Tow Service Recovers 9 Dodge Chargers

Get ready for a gripping recount of the courageous heavy tow service operators at Falzone Towing! In a recent incident on I-80 in Milton, PA, one of their clients found themselves in a bit of a pickle. After a harrowing accident, a tractor trailer carrying 9 high-end Dodge Chargers worth nearly a million dollars, was towed into a yard. The client needed the help of Falzone’s heavy tow service to transport their precious cargo to another facility in Wilkes-Barre, PA for assessment and repairs.

This was no easy feat! The car hauler was fully loaded, making it low to the ground, while also towering at nearly 13’6″ tall. The entire setup was almost 90 feet long and weighed a whopping 80,000 lbs! On top of that, the front end had been damaged in the accident, making the task of hooking up to the load even more challenging.

Thankfully, Falzone heavy tow service team was up to the task. Armed with a 30-ton tow truck, the driver skillfully removed the driveline and supplied air and brakes to ensure the safe transport of this precious cargo back to their facility for further assessment and repairs. It took 4-5 hours of intense work, but the team’s dedication and expertise ensured that the job was completed successfully.

In the end, the customer was thrilled with the service provided by Falzone Towing. Their skilled team was able to handle even the most difficult of loads, ensuring that the cargo was transported safely and securely. It’s just another day in the life at Falzone Towing! Great job, team! 

Details of 9 Dodge Chargers Recovered By Heavy Tow Service in PA

Heavy tow service, Falzone Towing, recently assisted a customer at I-80 in Milton, PA. In this situation, the client was involved in an accident and towed into a tow yard. The client contacted the heavy tow service to tow their tractor trailer carrying 9 Dodge Chargers from Milton PA to the heavy tow service facility in Wilkes-Barre PA. Once there, it would be assessed and the body damage repaired.

The heavy tow service soon realized that this job was unique in that the car hauler was fully loaded with 9 high-end Dodge Chargers with the total value of nearly a million dollars. 

Where a loaded car carrier gets tricky is that they are very low to the ground and already nearly 13’6” tall, 90 ft long, and about 80,000 lbs. In this heavy tow service job, there was also front-end damage from the accident that made it difficult to hook up to the load. 

The heavy tow service brought a 30-ton tow truck. The heavy tow service driver supplied air, removed the driveline, and supplied brakes to the towed unit to safely transport it back to the heavy tow service facility. The heavy tow service job took 4-5 hours.