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Heavy Towing A Fire Truck For 2 Hours!

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Heavy Towing Team Called to Transport Fire Truck For Repairs

Falzone’s heavy towing team had the privilege of helping local heroes this week. A firehouse reached out as one of their fire trucks had engine problems. While the truck could drive, it could not do so for long distances. Unfortunately, the nearest repair facility capable of repairing this fire truck was 2 hours away in Mill Hall, PA!

The firehouse had worked with the Falzone’s team in the past and knew that their heavy towing team was the absolute best in the state! For long-distance hauling, especially of a specialty vehicle, it is always best to use a trailer. Falzone’s Towing Service brought in their speciality bus trailer to facilitate the transport of the fire truck.

The bus trailer is a detachable lowboy trailer whose deck extends beyond the axles. This allows for long vehicles to be transported with all their wheels off the ground. The trailer is also equipped with a long ramp in order for low-profile vehicles to be driven onto it easily. This versatile trailer is perfect for transporting speciality vehicles over long distances!

Seeing as the fire truck was still semi-drivable, the heavy towing team made quick work of getting it onto the trailer and secured for transport. Two hours later, they dropped off the truck at Glick Fire Equipment in Mill Hall.

Fantastic work out there team!

Details of Heavy Towing Team Called to Transport Fire Truck For Repairs

The heavy towing team at Falzone’s Towing Service responded to a call from a local firehouse. One of their fire trucks had engine issues. Seeing as the closest repair center able to fix the fire truck was over two hours away, they called the heavy towing team in to transport the truck.

The heavy towing team decided to transport the fire truck using a trailer as it was a long distance tow. Falzone’s heavy duty towing team brought along their bus trailer. A bus trailer is a detachable low boy trailer. The trailer’s deck extends beyond its axles, allowing for long vehicles to be transported with all wheels off the ground.

Seeing as the bus trailer has a 2 foot deck height, the heavy towing team needed to ensure that the fire truck was not too tall to be transported. Once the fire truck cleared the height test, the heavy towing team slowly drove it up the trailer. Thanks to the bus trailer’s long ramps, the heavy duty towing team could easily back the firetruck onto the trailer.

Once the fire truck was on the trailer, the heavy tow truck team secured it down so it would not move during transport. With one final safety assessment, the heavy towing team was ready to begin the two-hour journey to Mill Hall, PA.

When they arrived at Glick Fire Equipment, the heavy towing team safely unloaded the fire truck from the bus trailer. The heavy towing team then made their way back to Falzone’s Towing headquarters.