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Heavy Towing on I-81

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Heavy Towing in a Snow Storm on 1-81

On a bleak Sunday afternoon, a snowstorm was brewing and our heavy towing team were bracing themselves for a call. While most would be on their way home, one of our loyal customers was battling with a broken-down vehicle.

Driving down the interstate of Hazelton, PA carrying a full load the driver could tell something was wrong. After making the decision to pull over, he was faced with a broken-down tractor-trailer in the middle of the exit ramp of the I-81.

Panicked, he contacted his office and arranged for one of their drivers to meet him there and help resolve the issue. However, after his team member arrived they realised luck wasn’t on their side. A faulty ramp had disrupted the disconnection process leading the trailer to fall sideways and become at risk of tipping over.

With the snowstorm now in full swing (and only getting heavier!), they needed to move quickly, move the trailer off the road, and get back to safety. After being notified of the issue at hand, Falzone Towing Services sprang into action. Within 45 minutes of the call, an experienced member from our team arrived on the scene.

What was originally a simple trailer winch-out turned into a full-blown heavy towing job. (But it was nothing we couldn’t manage.)

With the severity of the weather at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we had to get the driver out of the storm as quickly as possible. So, we drove out our 25-ton wrecker to upright the toppled trailer and tow it away with his other tractor.

After assessing the situation we realised the customers’ broken-down tractor was in no condition to drive. The only option we had was to tow it back to the terminal in Goldsboro, PA. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but with the storm getting heavier, we had to go that extra mile.

The most important thing for us is always our customers’ safety. Even in dangerous conditions, when most companies wouldn’t respond, we would never miss the opportunity to help out a driver in need.

No matter the day, the conditions, or the distance we’re always there to help despite the challenges we might have to face. Great work out there guys!

Details of Heavy Towing in a Snow Storm on 1-81

On a Sunday afternoon, the heavy towing team at Falzone Towing Services received a call from a panicked customer on the exit ramp of the I-81 in Hazleton, PA. Their tractor-trailer had broken down while carrying a full load and they required a heavy towing service.

The heavy towing team was immediately dispatched to the customer’s location. The heavy towing team responded quickly due to the snowstorm getting worse they decided on using their 25-ton wrecker to upright the broken-down trailer. The heavy towing team backed their wrecker towards the rear end of the disabled tractor.

Once it was secured the heavy towing team lifted the tractor and attached it to the tow truck. The heavy towing team then ensured that the tractor was securely attached to the heavy wrecker. With everything in place, the heavy towing team began their trip back to the customer’s terminal in Goldsboro.