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Load Transfer Team Moves 45,000 lb

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Load Transfer Team Helps Customer Complete A Delivery

The load transfer team at Falzone Towing Service made an hour-long trip to Allentown, PA, to assist a long-time customer. The customer in question was delivering massive 9000 lb paper rolls to a factory. Unfortunately, during one of the transfers, their trailer broke down. Needing to complete the delivery as soon as possible, Falzone’s load transfer team was called in to move the heavy load.

Not everyone can move paper rolls. Specialized equipment is needed to lift the massive rolls without damaging them. Believe it or not, Falzone’s has a forklift reserved only for the lifting and moving of heavy paper rolls! The 15,000 lb forklift can drive into trailers, lift different sizes of paper rolls, and rotate them.

On this particular day, the load transfer team transported their clamped forklift to Allentown on a heavy duty flatbed trailer. Seeing as the broken-down trailer was not by a loading dock, the team would use the flatbed to move the forklift between the old and new trailer.

The team went straight to work and were able to transfer the all five 9000 lb paper rolls to the new trailer. The job was completed within two hours and the customer was able to deliver the paper rolls to their intended destination!

Great work out there team!

Details of Load Transfer Team Helps Customer Complete A Delivery

A call requesting a load transfer service came into the Falzone Towing Service dispatch center. The customer knew that Falzone owns a specialized clamped forklift to lift and move paper rolls. A load transfer team was immediately dispatched from North Sherman Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The load shift and transfer team arrived on location and assessed the situation. There were 5 paper rolls weighing 9000 lb each in a broken-down trailer. Using the flatbed trailer, the load transfer team positioned the forklift outside the trailer containing the paper rolls. The load transfer team drove the clamped forklift into the trailer. Using the forklift, the load transfer team lifted up the first paper roll.

The forklift operator backed up onto the flatbed trailer which the remainder of the load transfer team then moved it towards the new trailer. After depositing the first paper roll into the new trailer, the team repeated the process for the remaining for paper rolls.

By the end of two hours, the team had successfully moved all five 9000 lb paper rolls from the broken down trailer to the new trailer. With the paper rolls moved, the customer was able to complete their delivery. The load transfer team drove the fork lift onto the flatbed trailer.

With the forklift secured onto the flatbed trailer, the cargo service team made their way back to Wilkes-Barre. Once back at Falzone Towing Service, the forklift was driven off the flatbed and cleaned in order for it to be ready for the next job!