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Power Trip: Harrisburg Long-Distance Equipment Transport

Generator Goes the Distance

Last week, we handled a critical job that required swift action—and a longer drive. We were contacted to transport a generator trailer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to New Hampshire. However, during the journey, the destination changed, and we were rerouted to Maine. This was an urgent task as the generator was needed to supply power to an area that had lost electricity. Despite the sudden change, we were ready get our tow trucks on the road to handle this Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport.

Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport

Power-Only Unit for Emergency Transport

One of our operators dispatched with a power-only unit, which is a semi-tractor without a trailer. This setup was perfect for the emergency transport of the generator. The nearest highway to our starting point was I-81, providing quick access to the interstate network. Our operator worked tirelessly to ensure the generator reached its new destination promptly.

In it for the Long Haul

When he arrived at the scene, the operator immediately hooked up the power-only unit to the generator trailer. Given the urgency of the situation, the operator took extra precautions to ensure everything was secure and ready for the long-distance haul. Once everything was in place, the journey to Maine began. The entire job took 16 hours from start to finish. Quite a journey!

Voltage Voyage: Harrisburg’s Long Haul to Maine

Emergency Call for Generator Transport

We were contacted for an emergency Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport. The initial request was to move a generator trailer from Harrisburg, PA, to New Hampshire. Midway through the transport, the destination changed to Maine. Our team at Falzone Towing Service had to adapt quickly to this change, ensuring the generator reached the new location without any delays.

Deploying the Right Equipment and Team

For the Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport, we dispatched one of our experienced operators with a power-only unit. This semi-tractor setup is ideal for hauling large trailers, especially in emergency situations. The nearest highway to our starting point was I-81, providing easy access to major routes for a smooth journey.

Hooking Up and Securing the Load

Upon arriving at the pickup location in Harrisburg, PA, our operator immediately hooked up the power-only unit to the generator trailer. The generator was essential for supplying power to an area that had experienced an outage, making the job highly urgent. The operator ensured that the trailer was securely attached and all safety checks were completed.

Adapting to a Changing Plan

The transport process involved careful planning and execution. The operator took the necessary steps to secure the load and confirm that all systems were functioning correctly before hitting the road. The journey initially aimed for New Hampshire, but halfway through, we received an update to reroute to Maine. This required quick thinking and adjustments to the travel plan to ensure timely delivery.

Successful 16-Hour Transport Operation

The entire Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport took 16 hours from start to finish. Despite the challenges of an urgent request and a change in destination, our operator completed the job successfully. The generator arrived safely via Harrisburg, PA, at its final destination in Maine, ready to provide much-needed power to the affected area.

Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport

Falzone Towing Service: Generating Solutions

At Falzone Towing Service, we go the extra mile for our customers. Whether it’s an emergency transport or a routine towing job, you can count on us to get the job done right. This Harrisburg long-distance equipment transport is just one example of our commitment to providing top-notch services. No matter the distance.