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RV Towing Over 500 Miles!!!

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RV Towing Operator Goes Above and Beyond to Help Stranded RV Owner!

A member of the RV Towing service team at Falzone’s went above and beyond to help a stranded RV owner. The RV in question had broken down on I-81 in Nuangola, PA. The owner was quite stressed as she was a long way from home in Lewiston, Maine!

As there were no local dealerships equipped to repair the 35 foot RV, the RV owner’s motor club requested that the RV be towed to a dealership one and a half hours away in Hamburg, PA. The tow itself was straightforward and went smoothly. Once the tow truck operator deposited the RV at the dealership, his job was technically done.

It was 4 PM on a Friday afternoon and close to the end of the tow truck operator’s shift. Most people would be itching to get home and start their weekend. That being said, the towing operator stayed behind as he wanted to make sure that the RV owner was in good hands. Thankfully he stayed behind as the dealership was not able to repair the RV that day. In fact, they could only begin repairs on the RV one week later!

The RV owner was really not keen to be so far away from home for over a week. She called her motor club but they would not offer her any more options. Sensing her distress, the tow truck operator called the management team at Falzone’s. He was willing to sacrifice his day off to tow the vehicle all the way back to the customer’s home in Maine! The customer was extremely satisfied with the long-distance towing rate and immediately agreed.

They set off on the road for an epic 450 mile road trip. By Saturday afternoon, the customer and her broken down RV were back in their hometown!

Falzone’s has been a family owned and operated business for over seven decades. We pride ourselves on treating every one of our customers like family. Seeing our RV Towing operator do everything he can to make a customer happy makes us proud. Great work out there!

Details of RV Towing Operator Goes Above and Beyond to Help Stranded RV Owner!

A call for an RV Towing was received at Falzone’s Towing Service. The RV Towing team was dispatched to the customer’s location on I-81 in Nuangola, PA. Once they reached the customer’s location, the RV towing team backed their heavy wrecker towards the front of the RV.

Using a wheel lift system, the RV towing service team quickly accessed the front axle of the RV and hooked onto it. After disconnecting the driveline, the RV was ready to be towed! The RV towing team deposited the RV at the requested dealership in Hamburg, PA. When the dealership stated that they could not commence repairs on the RV until the next week, the RV towing team did not want to leave the customer stranded so far away from home

The RV tow truck operator called Falzone’s Towing management to see what they could do for the customer. He obtained a quote for a long distance tow to the client’s hometown of Lewiston, Maine. 

The customer was extremely impressed with the quote and happy to be going home. The RV towing team immediately started their road trip to Lewiston and arrived early the next afternoon.