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Heavy Duty
Winching Services

Falzone Towing Service offers 24/7 heavy duty recovery services to Scranton and the remainder of Luzerne County. There is nothing that our team of professionally certified heavy duty towing operators loves more than a challenge! With over 7 decades of experience, there really is no job that we can’t handle! We’ve recovered rolled-over semis, half-sunken tractors in a ravine, and jackknifed trucks in the middle of the interstate during rush hour. We will do a full assessment of the situation prior to beginning the recovery process. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we will be able to avoid any possible issues throughout the recovery process.

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Cargo Load Shifts &

Load Swaps & Transfers

Falzone provides Cargo Load Shifts, Load Swaps, and Transfers as part of our Heavy Duty Services. Did you know that one of the leading causes of truck accidents in the Northeast is cargo load shifting? This is not a mere inconvenience; it can have disastrous consequences. Avoid rollovers and jackknifing caused by load shifts and give Falzone a call today at (570) 823-2100.

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Learn more about our Cargo Load Shifts, Load Swaps, and Transfers.

24/7, 365 Days A Year, Rain or Shine

Heavy Duty
Towing Services

Falzone Towing Company provides Heavy Duty Towing Services to the Wilkes-Barre, Plymouth, Kingston, Pittston, Aldan, Moosic, Scranton, and Harding areas. 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine (and snow!), we are waiting to help you.

Have any questions? You can reach our Heavy Duty Towing Specialists at (570) 823-2100!

We Provide 24/7 Emergency Recovery Services NEar You

Recovery Services

Falzone provides 24/7 emergency recovery services near you. Safety is our number one priority and we will make sure that you and your vehicle receive the best possible care. We station our fleet in strategic spots throughout our service area to guarantee quick response times.

Have any questions? You can reach our Heavy Duty Towing Specialists at (570) 823-2100!

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