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Heavy Duty Hauling from NJ to PA

Heavy Duty Hauling for CZM Drill Urgently Needed for Job in PA  The skilled and experienced team at Falzone Towing was recently called by a customer who required heavy duty hauling. The task was no small feat: they needed to pick up a CZM drill rig from a dealership in New Jersey and transport it all the way to a job site in Pennsylvania. But here's the catch - time was of the essence. Without this colossal piece of machinery, the job in Pennsylvania would be put on hold indefinitely. The Falzone team hit the road with a tri-axle tractor [...]

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Heavy Tow Service Assists in Million-Dollar Recovery

PA Heavy Tow Service Recovers 9 Dodge Chargers Get ready for a gripping recount of the courageous heavy tow service operators at Falzone Towing! In a recent incident on I-80 in Milton, PA, one of their clients found themselves in a bit of a pickle. After a harrowing accident, a tractor trailer carrying 9 high-end Dodge Chargers worth nearly a million dollars, was towed into a yard. The client needed the help of Falzone's heavy tow service to transport their precious cargo to another facility in Wilkes-Barre, PA for assessment and repairs. This was no easy feat! The car hauler [...]

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Hazleton Semi Towing Company Shows Skill & Expertise

Professional Semi Towing Company Tows Fleet of Freightliner Tractors  We've got a tale about a skilled semi towing company and heavy-duty equipment that'll leave you impressed. Falzone's Towing got a call from a customer in Hazleton, PA whose fleet of 4 brand-spanking-new Freightliner tractors had broken down en route to the dealership.  While this likely caused the customer to panic, Falzone's came to the rescue! The operator dispatched a team quickly to the location along with a 30-ton tow truck and a heavy operator who was trained to handle these mammoth machines. These stacked trucks are no joke. They weigh [...]

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Load Shift Service Utilized Paper Air Pillows for Recovery 

Local Towing Company Provides Load Shift Service for Driver Carrying Bales of Compressed Trash   Falzone Towing recently utilized a new tool when they were called for a load shift service in Bloomsburg, PA. A cargo driver was transporting bales of compressed trash from Connecticut to Ohio. About halfway through his journey, his load, unfortunately, shifted causing his trailer to lean to one side.  Always at the cutting edge of the latest towing and recovery techniques, the Falzone team was happy to provide an innovative solution. Falzone’s is always interested to invest in the latest equipment and they were able to [...]

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