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Towing Pros Provide Semi Towing Service on I-81

Semi Towing Service Assists After Driver Has Transmission Issues  Picture this: You're cruising down I-81, driving your trailer, en route to your location, without thinking that you will need the help of a semi towing service. Suddenly, your trailer breaks down due to transmission issues. Panic sets in as you wonder how you're going to get out of this mess. Enter Falzone's Towing - the experts needed in this moment of stress. This semi towing service is known for its lightning-fast response time, and they certainly did not disappoint when this recent customer called them for help. Within minutes, they [...]

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Hazleton Semi Towing Company Shows Skill & Expertise

Professional Semi Towing Company Tows Fleet of Freightliner Tractors  We've got a tale about a skilled semi towing company and heavy-duty equipment that'll leave you impressed. Falzone's Towing got a call from a customer in Hazleton, PA whose fleet of 4 brand-spanking-new Freightliner tractors had broken down en route to the dealership.  While this likely caused the customer to panic, Falzone's came to the rescue! The operator dispatched a team quickly to the location along with a 30-ton tow truck and a heavy operator who was trained to handle these mammoth machines. These stacked trucks are no joke. They weigh [...]

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