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Tow Truck Service Hauls 5 Axle Truck

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Tow Truck Service Comes to the Rescue of 85,000 lb Concrete Conveyor Truck

Falzone’s Tow Truck Service received a call from a discouraged client on Monday morning. The customer’s 5 axle concrete conveyor truck had broken down the day before in Drums, PA. Ever since then, he had been calling all the heavy tow truck companies in the area trying to get someone to tow his truck!

Although he had spent hours on the phone, he had yet to find a tow truck service with the capability to haul the massive 85,000 lb truck! There was a palpable sense of relief from the customer’s side when we told him we could easily handle this job.

It was a short 5-mile trip from tow truck service to where the concrete conveyor truck broke down. While the driver of the truck assumed that they blew a clutch, the towing team immediately noticed a failure in the rear axle.

The towing team brought the truck back to headquarters where a mobile diesel mechanic removed the rear axle. As the team continued to prep the truck from transport, the permit department was busy at work.

Yes, you read that right. Falzone’s Towing Service has their own permit department! They handle all the logistics for long distance hauls and oversize tows. The total weight of the rotator and concrete truck was over 170,000 lb! Combined with the 14 foot height of the truck, special care needed to be taken when planning the route the driver would take.

While the repair shop was only 55 miles away in Allentown, the tow truck driver needed to drive over 110 miles to get there. This route was the safest for the driver to take and ensured he did not cross any low bridges.

We’re pretty sure that this happy customer will be calling Falzone’s first next time he has any issues with his truck!

Keep up the good work team!

Details of Tow Truck Service Comes to the Rescue of 85,000 lb Concrete Conveyor Truck

A tow truck service was needed after a concrete conveyor truck broke down in Drums, PA. The truck had broken down less than 5 miles from Falzone Tow Truck Service – Cars, Heavy Duty and Semi Tow Trucks.

The tow truck service used a 75-ton rotator to bring the concrete truck to a repair facility in Allentown, PA. Prior to towing the truck, they needed to disconnect the driveline, tap into the truck’s braking system, and remove the rear axle.

When the tow truck service had secured the proper permits for the over-size tow, they made their way to Allentown. While the distance between Drums and Allentown was approximately 55 miles, the tow truck operator needed to take another pre-planned route. This route was made taking the combined weight of the rotator tow truck and the concrete truck into consideration (as well as the 14 foot height).

The towing service successfully reached Allentown and dropped off the concrete conveyor truck at the dealership’s repair facility.