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95 Mile Heavy Tow Service on Labor Day

Heavy Tow Service Needed After Electrical Issue Leaves Tour Bus Stranded It was a busy Labor Day for the heavy tow service team at Falzone’s. A popular tour bus company had stopped in Jersey Shore, PA, to let their passengers have a quick bathroom break. They didn’t have much time as they had a strict schedule to stick to. Unfortunately, their tour bus didn’t believe in following schedules! Once everyone was on the bus, the driver attempted to start the bus. Attempted is the key word here! No matter what he did, the bus refused to start! He now had [...]

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Tow Truck Service Hauls 5 Axle Truck

Tow Truck Service Comes to the Rescue of 85,000 lb Concrete Conveyor Truck Falzone’s Tow Truck Service received a call from a discouraged client on Monday morning. The customer’s 5 axle concrete conveyor truck had broken down the day before in Drums, PA. Ever since then, he had been calling all the heavy tow truck companies in the area trying to get someone to tow his truck! Although he had spent hours on the phone, he had yet to find a tow truck service with the capability to haul the massive 85,000 lb truck! There was a palpable sense of [...]

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Heavy Tow Truck Lifts 120,000 lb Railroad Car

Heavy tow team called in to lift three historical train cars in Honesdale, PA Our heavy tow team had the pleasure of moving three historical passenger train cars in Honesdale, PA. The three railroad cars were sitting on a 150 foot long dead track. It was now time to move them onto a live track where they would start their journey to be fully-restored in New Jersey. Each of the train cars weighed between 110,000-120,000 lb! They would need to be moved 20 feet from the dead track to the live track. With low-hanging electrical cables above the tracks and [...]

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Load Transfer Team Moves 45,000 lb

Load Transfer Team Helps Customer Complete A Delivery The load transfer team at Falzone Towing Service made an hour-long trip to Allentown, PA, to assist a long-time customer. The customer in question was delivering massive 9000 lb paper rolls to a factory. Unfortunately, during one of the transfers, their trailer broke down. Needing to complete the delivery as soon as possible, Falzone’s load transfer team was called in to move the heavy load. Not everyone can move paper rolls. Specialized equipment is needed to lift the massive rolls without damaging them. Believe it or not, Falzone’s has a forklift reserved [...]

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RV Towing Over 500 Miles!!!

RV Towing Operator Goes Above and Beyond to Help Stranded RV Owner! A member of the RV Towing service team at Falzone’s went above and beyond to help a stranded RV owner. The RV in question had broken down on I-81 in Nuangola, PA. The owner was quite stressed as she was a long way from home in Lewiston, Maine! As there were no local dealerships equipped to repair the 35 foot RV, the RV owner’s motor club requested that the RV be towed to a dealership one and a half hours away in Hamburg, PA. The tow itself was [...]

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Heavy Towing A Fire Truck For 2 Hours!

Heavy Towing Team Called to Transport Fire Truck For Repairs Falzone’s heavy towing team had the privilege of helping local heroes this week. A firehouse reached out as one of their fire trucks had engine problems. While the truck could drive, it could not do so for long distances. Unfortunately, the nearest repair facility capable of repairing this fire truck was 2 hours away in Mill Hall, PA! The firehouse had worked with the Falzone’s team in the past and knew that their heavy towing team was the absolute best in the state! For long-distance hauling, especially of a specialty [...]

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75 Ton Rotator to the Rescue

Falzone’s 75 Ton Rotator Helps Customer Complete Delivery! Falzone’s 75 ton rotator came to the rescue of a client in St.Clair, Pennsylvania. The customer in question was delivering over 70,000 lb of rocks to a construction site in Barnesville. As he drove through St.Clair on his way to deliver the rocks, his tri-axle dump truck had a catastrophic radiator failure. Within minutes, the truck had lost all of its coolant! Every truck in the Falzone’s fleet is equipped with GPS tracking devices. The dispatch team used the GPS information to locate the heavy duty towing team closest to the client. [...]

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Weekend Semi Tow

Semi Tow Team Called In After Regen System Failure Falzone’s semi tow team responded to an emergency call from a loyal customer last Saturday. One of the customer’s trucks had a regen system failure and it was no longer in working condition. Due to the nature of the regen failure, the engine was derated making the truck lose ~95% of its power. This is essential in order to save the engine from irreparable damage.  The customer had a limited timeframe to get his truck to the Hunter Peterbilt dealer in Breinigsville, PA, in order for the mechanics to have enough [...]

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Big Rig Towing In Under 2 Hours

Big Rig Towing Team Needed To Get Tractor To Dealership Before Closing Time Falzone’s big rig towing team jumped into action when they received a call from a stranded truck driver in Mifflinville, PA. The driver was working for a Canadian truck company and was in the area to pick up a load. He had stopped at a service station for a short break. When it was time to hit the road again, he quickly got back into the cab of his truck and put the keys into the ignition. It was then that the truck driver realized that the [...]

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Semi Tow Truck Tows 4 HUGE Trucks

Semi Tow Truck Team Tows 4 Tractors at Once! The Falzone semi tow truck team had a job they would never forget down in Mifflinville, PA, last month. One of our regular customers gave us a call asking for immediate assistance. They transport brand new vehicles from the manufacturer to various body companies or dealerships. On this particular day, our customer was transporting three trucks from the manufacturer to a dealership. We’ve all played piggyback as children. Have you ever spotted a truck “piggybacking” other trucks on the road? Piggyback truck transport is the term used to describe a semi [...]

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