Semi Tow Team Called In After Regen System Failure

Falzone’s semi tow team responded to an emergency call from a loyal customer last Saturday. One of the customer’s trucks had a regen system failure and it was no longer in working condition. Due to the nature of the regen failure, the engine was derated making the truck lose ~95% of its power. This is essential in order to save the engine from irreparable damage. 

The customer had a limited timeframe to get his truck to the Hunter Peterbilt dealer in Breinigsville, PA, in order for the mechanics to have enough time to repair it before Monday’s workweek. Falzone’s always says that will do anything to limit their client’s downtimes. This is why they offer 24/7 heavy towing services! 

The semi tow team was immediately dispatched to pick up the truck in Hazleton and make the one hour drive to the dealer in Hazleton. We are happy to report that the heavy towing team delivered the truck to the dealership giving the mechanics ample time to make the repairs. The truck was returned to the owner in Hazleton on Monday morning and was ready for a busy working week! 

Great work out there team! Your reactivity ensured that the truck got to the dealership with time to spare! 

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Details of Semi Tow Team Called In After Regen System Failure

A call requesting a semi tow team was received on Saturday morning. The customer requesting a tow was a returning client who needed help getting a tractor from Hazleton to Breinigsville, PA. The semi towing team was dispatched from Falzone Towing Service – Cars, Heavy Duty and Semi Tow Trucks, 1039 PA-93, Drums, PA 18222, United States.

The fastest route for the tow team to take to Hazleton was via PA-93 S, I-81 S, and PA-924 N. Once the semi tow team arrived at the customer’s location, they assessed the situation. The truck was unable to drive at more than 5% capacity due to it being derated after a regen system issue.  They backed up their wrecker towards the front of the disabled tractor. The towing team used a wheel lift and hooked onto the front axle of the truck.

The tow team ensured that the truck was secured and ready to be towed. The semi towing team then carefully towed the truck to the Hunter Peterbilt truck dealership in Breinigsville, PA. They arrived at the dealership within one hour. Once at the dealership, the heavy towing team unhooked the semi tractor from their heavy wrecker. 

With the job complete, the semi towing team made their way back to the Falzone’s office in Drums, PA, to await a new customer. Falzone’s semi tow services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.