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Ready to Winterize Your RV? Use Our Checklist!

With winter just around the corner, it’s time for RV owners to start thinking about winterizing their vehicles. Proper preparation can help avoid costly repairs and ensure your RV is ready to hit the road come spring. Falzone Towing Service, offering 24-hour RV roadside assistance and on-site repair services in Pennsylvania, presents a comprehensive RV winterization checklist.

1. Comprehensive Water System Drainage

Winterizing starts with draining your RV’s water systems to prevent freezing and burst pipes. This includes emptying the freshwater, gray, and black water tanks, and draining the water heater. Ensure you bypass the water heater before adding non-toxic RV antifreeze to the system.

2. Plumbing System Protection

To protect your RV’s plumbing, add RV-grade antifreeze to all water lines, tanks, sink drains, and the toilet. This step is crucial to prevent any remaining water from freezing and causing damage.

3. Exterior Sealing and Inspection

Inspect the RV’s exterior for any cracks or gaps. Seal these areas to keep out moisture and pests. Covering external vents and openings is also a good practice to protect against winter elements.

4. Engine and Battery Maintenance

Prepare the engine for winter by changing the oil and adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank. For the battery, if not in use, disconnect, and store it in a warm, dry place to extend its lifespan.

5. Interior Cleaning and Storage

Remove all perishable items and thoroughly clean the interior to prevent mold and mildew. Leave refrigerator doors open to prevent odors. Also, remove any liquids that could freeze.

6. Tire Care and Storage

Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure and cover them to protect from the elements. If possible, store your RV off the ground to prevent tire damage.

7. Exterior Washing and Covering

A thorough wash and a coat of wax can protect the RV’s exterior from harsh winter conditions. Use a quality, breathable cover for added protection.

8. Safety and Security Checks

Ensure your RV is secure, with all doors and windows locked. Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning properly.

9. Final System Check and Maintenance

Do a final walkthrough of your RV. Note any repairs or maintenance needed so you can address them before your next trip.

Quick Reference Checklist

  • Drain Water Systems:
    • Empty all tanks (freshwater, gray, and black water).
    • Drain and bypass the water heater.
    • Blow out lines with compressed air or add RV antifreeze.
  • Plumbing System Protection:
    • Add non-toxic RV antifreeze to all water lines and tanks.
    • Pour antifreeze into sink, shower drains, and toilet.
  • Exterior Sealing and Inspection:
    • Check and seal any exterior cracks or gaps.
    • Cover external vents and openings.
  • Engine and Battery Maintenance:
    • Change oil and add fuel stabilizer.
    • Disconnect and store the battery in a warm, dry place if not in use.
  • Interior Cleaning and Storage:
    • Remove perishables and liquids.
    • Clean the interior thoroughly.
    • Leave refrigerator doors open.
  • Tire Care and Storage:
    • Inflate tires to the recommended pressure.
    • Cover tires and, if possible, store the RV off the ground.
  • Exterior Washing and Covering:
    • Wash and wax the RV’s exterior.
    • Use a breathable cover for protection.
  • Safety and Security Checks:
    • Secure the RV and check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Final System Check and Maintenance:
    • Perform a final walkthrough and note any needed repairs or maintenance.

Falzone Towing Service: Your RV Winterization Partner

Should you encounter any issues while winterizing your RV, or if you need assistance during the winter months, Falzone Towing Service is here to help. Our RV roadside assistance team can handle flat tires, jump starts, and lockout situations. For more extensive issues, our mobile diesel mechanics are equipped to provide a range of on-site services, from mobile scan diagnostics to heating system repairs and preventative maintenance.

For immediate assistance or to schedule an on-site service, call us at (570) 823-2100. Let Falzone Towing Service take care of your RV this winter, so you can enjoy peace of mind and a hassle-free start to your next adventure.