Expert Wrecker Service Team Called In To Clear Wreckage After Fire

A wrecker service team was requested at the scene of a fiery wreckage Saturday morning on Interstate 80W in Milnesville, PA. A truck driver for an international delivery company was taking the mile marker 248 exit to a rest area when he realized something was amiss. He was hauling two “pup” trailers full of packages when the right hub on the first pup trailer caught fire! 

The quick thinking driver immediately pulled over onto the shoulder of the exit ramp. He managed to disconnect the second pup trailer so it would not incur damages. By the time the fire department got to the scene, the fire had spread to the inside of the trailer. The fire department had to rip open the trailer door in order to quickly put out the flames. Their quick response saved over half of the parcels that the trailer was transporting!

Falzone’s wrecker service team jumped into action once the fire department cleared the scene and declared it safe. The team thoroughly assessed the state of the pup trailer and determined that it was too damaged to safely tow on its own wheels. They called in their flatbed truck along with their custom converter dolly. Falzone’s had commissioned the design of this dolly just for situations like this! It allows them to be able to remove a trailer’s rear dolly,  and have the wrecker team tow the trailer backwards at a legal height!

Once the trailer was cleared from the scene, the wrecker service team focused their sights on the massive clean up job ahead of them. Thankfully, they came prepared with a skid steer and their own dumpster! The team quickly cleaned up any remaining debris from the scene of the fire. Great work out there!


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Details of Expert Wrecker Service Team Called In To Clear Wreckage After Fire

The request for a wrecker service team was received at 6:45AM on a Saturday morning. A wrecker service team was immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident at mile marker 248 on the Interstate 80, westbound. 

The first wrecker service team arrived at the scene of the accident. The wrecker service team assessed the situation. The wrecker service team called for back-up in the form of a flatbed trailer and a custom converter dolly. The second wrecker service team arrived with the flatbed and the custom-made converter dolly.

The wrecker service team was able to connect their custom dolly to the back of the burned out pup trailer. The wrecker service team ensured that the pup trailer remained at a legal height to be transported. The wrecker service team then towed the pup trailer backwards to the customer’s yard. 

The remaining team used a skid steer to pick up debris from the accident site. The wrecker service team picked up the debris and deposited it in the dumpster they had brought with them to the accident site. Once the wrecker service team were satisfied that all the debris had been cleared from the accident site, they returned to Falzone’s headquarters.