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I-180 Heavy Towing: The Road to Recovery

Getting a Stranded Tractor Trailer Back on Track

A routine day took a turn for the unexpected on I-180. On their regular commute, a customer faced a sudden transmission failure, leaving them stranded on the side of the highway. We were up for the challenge and immediately dispatched our 30-ton heavy-duty wrecker to the scene. With one of our skilled operators in charge, we were set to tackle this heavyweight task. The I-180 heavy towing operation began.

From Highway to Repair Bay

When our I-180 heavy towing operator reached the scene and took stock of the situation, it was evident the tractor-trailer needed repairs. Rather than towing the heavy vehicle to its intended destination, we took it to our compound for some much-needed mechanical care. The priority was to secure the tractor-trailer properly, ensuring no additional damage during transit. Once the vehicle was securely fastened to our wrecker, we proceeded cautiously, towing the tractor-trailer to our dedicated repair facility at Falzone in Wilkes-Barre.

Ready for the Next Journey

This careful and considered approach to I-180 heavy towing ensured the vehicle’s safety throughout its journey to get the repairs it urgently needed. Arriving at Falzone Towing, we handed off the tractor-trailer to their capable hands for repair, confident that the vehicle would soon be back on the road.

I-180 heavy towing

I-180 Heavy Towing  For A Stranded Tractor-Trailer

On I-180, a day like any other suddenly changed. A customer on their usual route hit a snag: a transmission failure left them and their tractor-trailer, loaded with goods, stuck on the highway’s edge. This called for I-180 heavy towing action.

I-180 Heavy Towing for Repairs

We didn’t hesitate. Our 30-ton heavy-duty wrecker was on its way in no time. The task was straightforward for us: get the massive truck to Falzone Towing in Wilkes-Barre for repairs. One expert operator from our I-180 heavy towing team took the lead, ready for the job.

Upon arrival, our I-180 heavy towing specialist saw the tractor-trailer needed more than a simple tow; it needed repair. Instead of its planned route, we chose to bring it to our place for a thorough check-up. Securing the tractor-trailer was our first step, avoiding any more damage. Once tied securely to our wrecker, our I-180 heavy towing journey to Falzone in Wilkes-Barre began.

Falzone Towing: We Keep Your Trucks Moving With I-180 Heavy Towing

Our methodical approach to I-180 heavy towing guaranteed the tractor-trailer’s safety on its way to repair. At Falzone Towing, we passed the vehicle into their skilled hands, sure it’d be road-ready soon. This incident showcased that we can deploy I-180 heavy towing in no time, getting you and your truck back on the road and on with your business.