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Long Distance Towing Company to the Rescue

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Long Distance Towing Company Takes on Customer No One Wanted!

A customer in desperate need of a long distance towing company reached out to Falzone’s Towing Service. His truck had broken down in Allentown, PA. He needed to get the truck to Bridgeport, NJ, to his company’s repair shop.

The customer had called numerous long distance towing companies prior to calling Falzone’s and they all declined to take the job. Why? It seems that most heavy towing companies were too busy with local heavy tows to take on this job.

The truck in question was in a derated power form after a motor emissions issue. While it certainly is frustrating, having your truck derated saves you from an even costlier breakdown further down the road!

Various new air cleaning technology regulations have come into effect over the past few years. These influx of new requirements are putting stress on the air cleaning system. Heavy towing companies are getting calls for derated trucks every day!

Believe it or not, about 70% of our recent semi truck tows have been trucks in a derated form! With the amount of trucks this is affecting, it is no wonder that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate a good heavy towing company and even harder to find a good diesel mechanic.

Are you a truck driver? Have you experienced motor emission issues recently? We’d love to hear your take on it!

Details of Long Distance Towing Company Takes on Customer No One Wanted!

A truck driver in Allentown, PA, reached out to the long distance towing team at Falzone’s Towing Service. The truck driver needed the long distance towing team to tow his derated truck to a repair facility in Bridgeport, NJ.

Falzone’s long distance towing team was immediately dispatched to the customer’s location. Once on scene, the long distance towing team had a chance to speak with the driver of the derated truck. An unknown motor emissions issue had caused his truck to enter a derated power form.

His company always worked with a repair shop located in Bridgeport so he needed the long distance towing team to get his truck to New Jersey. The long distance towing team backed up their wrecker to the front of the derated tractor.

They lifted the front end of the tractor in order to gain access to the front axle. With the driveline disconnected and everything in place, the long distance towing team began the journey from Allentown to Bridgeport.

They made it to Bridgeport and located the repair facility the customer requested the tractor be dropped off at. The mechanics were aware of the incoming truck so they were ready to receive it. Once the long distance towing team had dropped off the tractor, they made their way back to Falzone Towing Service – Cars, Heavy Duty and Semi Tow Trucks, 1039 PA-93, Drums, PA 18222, United States.

The heavy towing team made sure all their equipment and tools were clean and ready for the next job.