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Towing Pros Provide Semi Towing Service on I-81

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Semi Towing Service Assists After Driver Has Transmission Issues

Picture this: You’re cruising down I-81, driving your trailer, en route to your location, without thinking that you will need the help of a semi towing service. Suddenly, your trailer breaks down due to transmission issues. Panic sets in as you wonder how you’re going to get out of this mess. Enter Falzone’s Towing – the experts needed in this moment of stress.

This semi towing service is known for its lightning-fast response time, and they certainly did not disappoint when this recent customer called them for help. Within minutes, they dispatched a team of highly trained professionals armed with a 30-ton heavy tow truck to his location in Hazleton, PA.

As soon as they arrived, the team got to work, making sure the area was cleared and safe. They emphasized the importance of hooking up the trailer properly and efficiently, especially since they were working less than a foot away from the travel lane. Safety is their top priority, and they take it seriously.

After assessing the situation, the team hooked their wrecker to the casualty, ran the air supply, and removed the driveline. All of this was done in just 3 hours, a testament to their skill and expertise. Thanks to Falzone’s Towing, the driver was able to get the help he needed, fast! The next time you find yourself in a bind on the highway, remember the name Falzone’s Towing. Way to go, team! 

Details of Semi Towing Service Assists After Driver Has Transmission Issues

Falzone’s Towing, a reliable semi towing service, recently came to the rescue of a customer in Hazleton, PA, whose trailer had broken down due to transmission issues. The prompt and efficient response of the semi towing service proved to be a lifesaver for the customer.

With all the necessary equipment, including a 30-ton heavy tow truck, Falzone’s Towing dispatched their semi towing service professionals to the location on the I-81. Upon arriving at the scene, the semi towing service team assessed the situation and made sure that the area was safe and secure for the job. They emphasized the importance of properly hooking up the trailer for towing, especially when working so close to the travel lane. This is to ensure a safe and efficient operation for the entire team, customer, and the vehicle drivers and pedestrians nearby. 

As an experienced semi towing service, the team started the job by hooking their wrecker to the casualty. From there, they ran the air supply and removed the driveline. The entire recovery took the pros only 3 hours, demonstrating their speed and professionalism.

It’s essential to have the right semi towing service at your fingertips when a breakdown happens, and Falzone’s Towing has proven to be a dependable and efficient solution. Their ability to quickly respond to emergency calls and provide high-quality services makes them a top choice for drivers in need.