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RV Towing Over 500 Miles!!!

RV Towing Operator Goes Above and Beyond to Help Stranded RV Owner! A member of the RV Towing service team at Falzone’s went above and beyond to help a stranded RV owner. The RV in question had broken down on I-81 in Nuangola, PA. The owner was quite stressed as she was a long way from home in Lewiston, Maine! As there were no local dealerships equipped to repair the 35 foot RV, the RV owner’s motor club requested that the RV be towed to a dealership one and a half hours away in Hamburg, PA. The tow itself was [...]

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Heavy Towing A Fire Truck For 2 Hours!

Heavy Towing Team Called to Transport Fire Truck For Repairs Falzone’s heavy towing team had the privilege of helping local heroes this week. A firehouse reached out as one of their fire trucks had engine problems. While the truck could drive, it could not do so for long distances. Unfortunately, the nearest repair facility capable of repairing this fire truck was 2 hours away in Mill Hall, PA! The firehouse had worked with the Falzone’s team in the past and knew that their heavy towing team was the absolute best in the state! For long-distance hauling, especially of a specialty [...]

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